Information About window tinting

If you have to drive around in the greater Mile High City area, you know how tough it can be in traffic, let alone with glare from the blazing sun over our mountains. Sunrise can be no piece of cake either if you live down around Centennial or Parker either, as it comes up across the plains sending those long beautiful but rough to navigate beams of golden sunlight that Colorado is known for directly at you.

After driving around a while with one hand on the steering wheel and another trying to block my eyes so I could see, I decided that enough was enough. I started looking for the best window tinting Centennial CO had to offer. I was surprised to see the different things that the companies offered, as I did not realize window tinting had come so far.

Being sort of frugal I had always tried to do things myself, using that nearly impossible to get to lay flat rolls of mass-market window tint film you buy at the big box stores. After hours of fighting the stuff (how can it cling to everything except what it is supposed to?), I ending up with a half-baked job with bubbles in exactly the wrong places and slivers of daylight piercing through around my messy job. I swore right then and there that the next time I had to get it done, i.e. next car I bought probably, that I was getting a professional window tinting company to do it for me. It just was not worth the sweat and swearing doing a bad DYI job that I hated when I was done.

The stuff is not cheap, either! Man, I could have nearly paid for a pro job by the time I bought the strengths I needed (Colorado has laws about how much tint you can have windshield versus the rest of your windows) so I ended up with a couple of rolls at mucho bucks each, then proceeded to ruin the biggest one fighting to get it off and cut and applied.  Sometimes being cheap or thinking I can do everything myself is not the most economical way to do something, but I tend to learn the hard way.

So when I bought the car I am, it did not have tinted windows and I somehow ridiculously thought in high altitude Colorado I could get away without darkening my vehicle to a level I could drive safely. I mean, the hand holding up business is almost as bad as texting and driving! For one thing you cannot see what darts in front of your car suddenly. Ask me how I know.  Not good.

I finally got frustrated enough to do something about it one day after nearly having an accident. I looked for window tint in Parker CO and Centennial CO since that is where I work and live. Turns out some of the companies offer a lot, some not so much. After checking out their online stuff and reading the reviews, I went with a company that offered a variety of tint options and seemed to have great customer service. I dropped the car off and it was done in no time flat. No bubbles, no seams of light, nothing but a nice cool interior in the Colorado summer sun and I could see really well.

Don’t try and do a pro’s job on something as super critical as seeing safely out of your car. Find a solid, reputable window tint company in Parker or Centennial and learn how reasonable it is to have done.

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